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The SELF apprehension...!!!

It happened 2 days ago! This guy, my mother's son-in-law; opened my shelf and laughed straight for 10 minutes.
I wondered what was so funny in there? Was that my overly arranged clothes or properly settled jewelry boxes? After pondering for a while and avoiding my yearn to kick him hard between butts, I approached him and saw him reading my 'to do list'. All my anger was then my embarrassment. He started reading my list out loud and crossed almost everything out of it. 'You don't do any of this! Hahahahah...'

He was right. I'm not the girl I used to be. I knew he didn't mean to embarrass me or hurt my feelings but he sure dust away the dirt from my mirror. I used to be so ambitious, active and thrilled about my list. Even when I listed why should I get married, top on that was, 'Once I'll be done with it, I'll focus on my goals, otherwise my parents will keep haunting me every other day.' Look at me now, I don't write, I don't listen music, I don't even do yoga anymore. 

My To Do List
I made this list with proud and pasted it in a place, where I spend most my time staring at, 'My shelf'. Everything in here is either something I really adore or something which leads me to my short/long term goals. Yes goals...not goal. After he was done, I looked at my list and found one very important thing was missing. "Don't let anyone else remind you of this list, i.e. don't forget yourself." 

Ever since I'm married, obviously things have changed. I have twice the people to take care of, I have a family, not room mates; a home not PG; I have to take care of bills, grocery and fitness of my family. And I have no problem doing all this. Cause now I have double the people who love and care about me. May be this happens to every girl.

Yes I do miss time I had for myself. These 24 hours will remain 24 hours, no super power can change them. But I found ways to make some 'ME' time. Now I listen music, while I'm cooking, I traverse youtube on my way to office. Work out while cleaning and write when my hubby is sleeping ;) BTW he has no idea he is part of this post :p One more thing, I will never let anyone else laugh at me or my list. If required I'll stand in front of mirror, laugh at myself and get going! :D


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