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It's too late to ask...!!!

“Guys, what's too late now?” I popped up the question as soon as I read the WOW’s theme for this weekend to my childhood sweethearts plodding in my flat at 1'O Clock mid night.

“Just say na.”
“Too late to order pizza now.”
“Too late to call mom.”
”Dude, It’s 1 in the night bro, she will think I passed away.”
“Too late to complete the thesis which I was supposed to start last Saturday.”
“Too late to lose your virginity.”
“Cause you already have A*****e”
“I’m talking about you kiddo.”
“Oye, who kiddo?”
“You bachcha.”
“Guys guys, don’t fight. Continue.”
“Too late to kick that b*****d, who said go for engineering, has a lot of scope.”
"Too late to change Indians."
"To late to change their habits."
Silence spread for 5 seconds.
“Too late to fight over Shreya.”
“Hey, is she married now?”
“Yes dude, last year, told you na, it’s too late now.”
“It’s too late to bunk classes and spend whole day in canteen.”
“Hahaha…And it’s too late for…”

We all chuckled and this continued for an hour, in which we visited our childhood, college days and this corporate life, where no one is satisfied. Only thing that keeps us going is our friendship.

“Guys, let’s go to school.” I proposed.
“Oye, it’s 2 AM now. And it’s too late to get the parked car out.”
“Dude, I’m serious. It’s not that far, will hardly take 2 hours. Let’s go guys.”

We all exchanged looks and in exact 15 minutes we hit the road. As always, I volunteered to drive. This is the best way for me to think. When I look out, at people, homes, buildings, gardens, I see stories. Tonight we are on our way to write another unforgettable story of our lives, and best part is we all are there in it, together.

As they always say it's never too late but yes, there are few things that couldn't be done now. I cannot call my dad and say, ”Dad I’m sorry. I didn’t say it much when you were alive, but I love you, I will always do and you are my hero.” This is one of thing I wanted to do most but it’s too late now. It’s too late to love without fear. We all have ‘done that and been there’, where we loved someone so much and had our heart broken. Now every time someone comes close, they bring that fear with them. Hey, but it’s okay, life goes on and so do we. No offences no regrets. At the end we will find someone.

But I found my answer. It’s too late to feel bad for what you have done. May be you made some horrible mistakes. Everybody does. It happens but this is not the time to mourn over it. Take the ownership and mend it. Be a man or a lady. Your feeling sorry will not change it. There has to be something that can make things better. Find that thing and do it.

We took the highway and reached our school in less than 2 hours. It’s 4 now. We tried but guard didn’t let us in.

“What shall we do now?”
“Let’s go to principal’s apartment.”
“Isn’t it too early?”
And we all said in union,”Naaaah..”

We drive 5 more minutes and ring the bell for one of our favourite person in this world, Professor R K Bhatt. He was our Math’s teacher and then promoted to school principal. We 4 were best in 4 fields (Maths, English, Cricket and Chess), that’s why always well known to our school teachers. Mr. Bhatt not only gave us the best time of our life but also taught us few very important lessons of life. We had no doubt that he will not recognise us; hence he hugged us, as soon as he opened the gate.

We updated him with our lives and told him what brought us here. He laughed. A sincere, experienced laugh.

“Let me tell you what is too late for you now.”

“It’s too late to make silly mistakes, which you have made in school. For stupid decisions that can not only ruin your life but also people close to you. Too late for you to be an irresponsible citizen of this huge democracy. Too late to believe that alone you cannot make a difference, because you can. I have
seen you. I understand you guys don’t like your jobs, and you can do whatever you want anytime in life but it’s too late for you to run away from your responsibilities toward your family.”

We all were silent for few seconds, may be all of us were thinking what will be the first thing we will do after going back, something which not too late yet. Mr. Bhatt went inside to get ready and invited us to be a part of morning assembly.

We re-visited our childhood. The class rooms, mess and play ground. We stood at the last during the assembly, like we used to do. Recited the prayer, pledge and national anthem. None of us forget to append “except one” after, all Indians are my brother and sister.

“Guys, let’s take another pledge today.”
“And what’s that?”
“We will give this country at least 10 folds of what we have taken from it. It’s too late now to expect anything from it. It’s time for us to return. To see a change we have to bring it our self.”
“You guys with me in it?” I asked innocently as I was being stared open mouthed.
“And I love you guys, I just wanted to say before it’s too late, we get busy in our lives and this loses it’s essence. I seriously do.”

Before I could say any other word, they all jumped on and hugged me. I thought, It’s too late now to lose these idiots from my life.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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