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Follow your heart, and fight your fears...!!!

The latest Stayfree's advertisement on television gives a very substantial message not just to all women, but to everyone who is living under a constant fear. Fear of any kind, related to your profession or regarding your protection, why we are living beneath such pressure all the time? "Why to tolerate anything just in the name of protection?"

If I can, then I will erase this line of control, which sometimes parents and sometimes society draw in between our dreams and us. Parents always ask us what do we want, to wear, to eat, or to play? But when it comes to choose our profession, on which our whole life relies, they want us to choose something that can offer us a protective future, no matter, if that future is completely suffocating. Just because of the fear that if we will follow our dreams we will not earn as much our neighbors will, we are forced to chose what we never imagined. Many of my friends dreamed of being something else, like a dress designer, a singer, or a director, but bind up being a software engineer, or an IT consultant. Yes they get a pretty handsome salary, but are they happy? No they are living under a constant fear that someday, they will lose their brains and will end up losing everything they have, cause they are not living their lives the way they dreamed.

This situation is even worse for girls. Parents wants them to top the class, but are not allowed to go to the best coaching in the city, cause it is far away from their homes. They are sent to study but are not allowed to work, cause its not safe to live in big cities. They are told that "we trust you", but are always accompanied by someone on shopping or to their friend's home. Why there is this constant fear that we are not safe around anywhere?

Until when, do we need to tolerate this? Why don't we speak up? Why don't we confess our dreams to our parents? Why girls just sit at homes after completing degree with excellent scores? Why can't I go for shopping without any fear and hang out with my friends without being stalk? Why can this society be free of this fear, that if their daughter is leaving home, she will be back in same state and will not be molested in between?

I want all this to change and I want it to start from this very moment. If anything I can change, I would love to ask everyone to follow their hearts and fight from the fear, cause only our heart knows the exact direction for a better life full of happiness and love. I want parents to understand what their kids want, if they want to be an artist, let them be. If you won't, you are cutting down his wings which would have led him to great heights. Let him write stories or poems, don't force him to write codes or data entries.

Let your daughters see this world with their own vision, on their own feet. Let them live their lives. And does your heart really wants to tie her like this? Ask your heart and follow it. Make her capable of protecting herself, not create a cage for her. I'm not saying nothing wrong can happen, if it has to, it could happen within your homes, but living with this fear and not letting her go out, will kill her soul, before anyone else could even touch her body. This is not the solution. Let her go out, let her fly. Let her follow her heart and fight this fear.

No one can stops the flight, if you dare,
Its your dream, you have to be the one who care;
If fear was able to cease your goals,
You will listen to your heart, make a holy swear...


  1. Aayu, you have shared a great message here. The poem is touching. Glad, you wrote that and included that image :) Hmm
    I have tagged you here. Please accept if you can. Also, tag me back if you wish.

    Someone is Special


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