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My Memorable Road Trip...!!!

Date: 20July, 2013
Time: 10:00PM
Place: Mumbai

Dear diary,

I have been living in this IT world for last 5 years. I have everything, a perfect job, a more than sufficient salary, a home sweet home, and a perfect partner ‘Rishabh’.

Still I always feel that something is missing, maybe we are lost in this IT jungle and have forgotten our roots. I miss the simplicity of people and the freshness in the air. May be my love ‘Rishabh’ has sensed the sadness of my heart that’s why he came up with the idea of a road trip, just we two together. He asked me where I want to go and I said I want to live my past again, let’s go back to our roots, from where we actually belong. So the day after tomorrow we are going to start our journey, ooh road trip from the town where we first met, ‘Gwalior’. Pretty excited about it.
-Love Aanya

Date: 22July, 2013
Time: 8:00AM
Place: Gwalior

Dear diary,
We reached Gwalior pretty early, our trip partner; ‘Toyota Fortuner’ was already waiting for us there at the station.

Rishabh promised me that he will allow me to drive; it’s a big car, extremely comfortable and spacious. Weather is too romantic here, clouds on us, greenery all around, some magic spell in the air, and the best part is this fragrance, its ‘Ambi Pure Switzerland Spring’ Umm, mesmerizing…Ok now I got to go, Rishabh is driving, and looking at me. Catch you later.
-Love Aanya

Date: 25July, 2013
Time: 11:00PM
Place: Gwalior

Dear diary,
We have completed our trip in Gwalior, it’s been a perfect road trip till now, we visited all the places we used to go in our college days, the fort, the light and sound show, the parks, our favorite bakery and restaurant, movie hall, and the hotel we always dream to spend night together.

And the most surprising part was the same fragrance ‘Ambi Pure Switzerland Spring’. I just love this fragrance and I’m grateful to Ambi Pure that they manufacture products for rooms also. Now I have to go, this is our last night in our city, Rishabh is waiting for me.
-        Love Aanya

Date: 26July, 2013
Time: 10:00PM
Place: Somewhere between Orcha and Chhatarpur

Dear diary,
We had headed for a long journey of 275Km on road with our perfect partners, our ‘Fortuner’, ‘Ambi Pure’ and our love of life; and we are on our way to Khajuraho, the city of love. Hehehehe… I’m very excited about spending two days in the city. On our trip till now, we have crossed the Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh, and has entered the Bundelkhand; from sandy plains to green hills. We visited the forts at Jhansi and the Orcha.

As Rishabh promised me that he will allow to drive me, I did for a couple of KMs but then handed it over to my sweet hubby, as I love watching him drive and this fragrance makes me feel like we are actually enjoying the Switzerland spring on our trip. We didn't find any hotel so we decided to sleep in our car, and it was not a bad idea.
-Love Aanya

Date: 27July, 2013
Time: 9:00PM
Place: Khajuraho

Dear diary,

We reached the city of love early morning. We are staying in the first 5 star hotel of Madhya Pradesh ‘Hotel Chandel’ named after their ruler. I’m feeling like a royal guest and the ambience is pleasant. Tomorrow we will visit the whole city, the famous temples and museums.
-Love Aanya
P.S. I forgot to tell you an important co-incidence; yes you got it right its Ambi Pure again. God, I don’t know how I will be going to live without this fragrance.

Date: 27July, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: In the train back to Mumbai

Dear diary,

I had a really wonderful time of my life. I will never forget these few days. The most perfect trip, with the most perfect partners. Now I’m on my way back to the same IT life but I’m taking some great memories with me, and yes the fragrance too. It’s silly but I unplug my Ambi Pure while leaving the car. Hehehehe…This will be in my car from now onward and will help me to keep the memories alive.

-Love Aanya

This post is a part of ESCAPE INTO FRESHNESS contest organised by IndiBlogger in association with AMBI PUR CAR. Here is the link for their facebook page.


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