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Shopping @ 2030...!!!

Ting Tong (Bell at the door)

Coming...!!! Ahaa, Sweety. What a pleasant surprise. We hugged as I opened the door.

Happy Birthday Didi. I was missing you so much.

Me too sweet heart, come on get in. 

Didi you are looking fabulous, and this dress..I'm loving it. Where do you find stuffs like this?

Awww...Thanks dear, I ordered this yesterday on ebay. I shop from there, its a huge online store with wide variety and offers. Try it sometime, you will love it too.

Great I will. Didi I love a dress, that one of my classmate have. She is too arrogant so I didn't ask her from where she bought it. I searched for it like everywhere. Do you think ebay will have that dress? Is it possible that I can have that dress too?

Come on sweety where are you living? Its 2030. Everything is possible. Come on give it a try. All you need to do is give me a picture of that dress.

Okay here it is. Its our group picture, third from the right.

Okay now look, you need to first sign in, then upload this picture in your wish gallery. Now leave the rest on ebay. It will look up its stores and will bring you the same or similar dress or object right on the screen. See here we have so many dresses which looks like that dress you want so much and some of them are even better. Now tell me which one do you want? And you will have it in 24 hours.

Woooow... This is so cool and in 24 hours??? that's pretty quick.

Yes it is. You see that wall hanging? I saw a similar one at Mrs. Sharma's. I took a snap and used ebay, and look I have a better one. So now just choose one.

Okay this little black one.

Nice choice sweety. Lets see how much it costs? Its says ₹ 1299 only. 

This is a little more didi. I have only ₹1000 to spend.

Hmm...ebay has a very thoughtful solution for this sweet heart. Just put this dress in your I like it but can't buy it list. Then the site will ask you the reason, whether prices are high or you quality of material is undesirable? If you choose the undesirable quality then it will show you the same article with higher quality material. And if you choose that prices are very high, it will register you and the article, and whenever it will have any discount offer on the article, ebay will intimate you via text message or email. 

This is super cool didi. But what if I didn't like the dress after I try it?

Nothing to worry sweety. Now you are in 2030. When you create your account ebay ask you to upload a full size image of your's, when you choose a dress or shoes or any accessories, it will create a virtual 3-D avatar of your's with that dress or accessories on. Isn't this damn cool? But still if you wanna try and then pay for it, this option is also available. Now everything is just a click away dear. And this dress is a gift from my side darling. So be happy.

Ooh Di, you are superb.

There is one more thing dear. The ebay app. All you need to do is install this app and select the items of your interests. You will regularly be intimated about their arrival and schemes and discount offers. The mode of being updated will be chosen by you, whether you want them on your cell or email.

Ting Tong.

Now whose this didi?

Must be from ebay.

What??? Are they working with the speed of light?

Hahaha...No dear, but may be someday they will. It must be my birthday gift. I'm there regular customer. We take care of their interests and they take of our happiness.

This post is a part of "The Future of Shopping" contest organised by in association with . Here is the link for their official website


  1. Didi and you in 2030! I loved the concept behind uploading images, waiting for discount and 3D Virtual try. Good luck Aayu! :D

    Someone is Special

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