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"Facebook" or "No Facebook"...!!!

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 40; the fortieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "MAKE A WISH"
Me : Please I'm begging you please don't take me with you, I'm just a 22 years kid, I haven't seen the world yet, pleaseeee.

Yumraj : What are you talking about? You have lived for 22 long years, in a house equipped with every luxury and fun; and you haven't seen the world??? What a joke? You are the number one prank master in school college as well as at home. You are the one who can easily get his hands off from the task you are not interested in, no matter after that how much more your mother have to work to finish your task.

Me : Umm..Umm..

Yumraj : I'm not over yet, so shut your mouth. Apart from all this, you are living a double life on facebook also.

Me : Double life???

Yumraj : Yes double life. Are you the same person that you have created on facebook?

Me : Umm..Umm...

Yumraj : Don't Umm...You say you are a friendly person and talk to everyone who is online whether you know them or not, but do you ever call your old friends, and ask how they are doing? You say you are caring and care hell a-lot when a girl posts a sad status, but did you ever call your old granny to ask how she is? You say you are helpful and help your friends to find a hot girl with even hotter profile picture but did you ever ask your mom and dad, do they need any help or not?

Me : Hmm...I never thought of it in this way.

Yumraj : (With a soft tone this time) Dear facebook is a medium through which you can stay in contact with all the people you care and love, this is not a part of your life which you tends to live everyday. The real world is out here, where we meet people, go out with them, talk to them face to face, drink coffee together.

Me : Hmm..I think I have lost the chance to live an actual life with my real friends. Can I make a last wish of my life sir before you take me with you?

Yumraj : Sure kid.

Me : (with my hands folded and eyes closed) O God, please make everyone realize the fact that I came to know today, please let them live an actual life.

Yumraj : (With a smile on his face) Amen.

Mom : Rishabh get up beta, its already 9 AM. Its sunday, what do you want to eat?

Me : Phew..That was a dream. Mom I'm coming, I will have egg sandwich, Ooh wait mom, we will make it together, don't start without me.
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  1. Nice wish. May it come true Ayushi.

  2. hahaha!! but so true! wonder what app Yamraj uses to stay connected!

  3. Ha ha ha!!! Aayu...Good one! Yamraj and Rishabh dialogues are too good. :) :) All the best :)

    Someone is Special

  4. :D the reality behind everyone's life!! All the best !! :)

    Uthra Suresh- If only wishes were horses

  5. hahaha.. that's how we live life now..!!
    All the best :)

  6. Very nice try and truth about Facebook .. very well done Ayushi ..

    My Try - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  7. Interesting conversation! :) But FB aint that bad! ;) Thanks for dropping by my page, Your comments are appreciated

  8. Simple and sweet. Loved the conversation between Yama and Rishabh. Yes true it is that FB is making us to live in a virtual life. We have many things that need to do in real life to sense and define what we are actually as human beings. ATB for BAT 40

  9. Hahaa :D .... nice one and a true one too !!

  10. Cute ending :) I wish people understand there is another world outside facebook!
    Nice! All the best for BATOM!

  11. That was interesting!Liked the conversation, Ayushi!At times, such superficial relations seem a little bizarre undoubtedly! :))
    Nice one, Ayushi! ATB for BAT!

  12. Enjoyed the read dear :)
    all the best!

  13. Nice post, we need to understand that social networking is taking all our life in actual our life is getting less social :)


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