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"F?@K KNOWS"...The book review...!!!

Book Details :

Title : F?@K KNOWS
Published on : 7th JANUARY, 2013
Number of pages : 234
Price : INR 195
Rating : 4/5

About the Author :

Mr. Shailendra Singh, is a well known ‘sports marketing guru’, an ‘advertising whizz’ and ‘Bollywood producer’ in the industry. He’s conceptualized the most famous and long-lasting campaigns for India’s biggest brands, managed and helped adjust the jockstraps of India’s most respected cricketers, and launched the careers of the country’s biggest celebrities. He’s opened a direct line of communication with India’s youth by creating massive music festivals, is emerging as Asia’s largest music promoter, and has produced over sixty Bollywood movies. He has worked on awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS, cancer and piracy. "F?@K KNOWS" is his first attempt, and hopefully not the last.

The Cover : 

The striking yellow with the utterly strange title can make anyone to think of  the rhyme "Yellow Yellow dirty fellow..." The footer image explains a lot about the theme of the book. The question list at the back is enough to decide whether you want to read this book or not. (Following the author I would say, do give it a shot, this book really is F?@king awesome.)

Insight of the Book :

"F?@K KNOWS" is a different perspective for life, calling it just a book is not at all adequate. Reading the 'Disclaimer, How to read this book and Preface' are as significant as reading the book itself. There are 75 short chapters, with an average of 3 pages per chapter. After each chapter you are left with a question that forces you to ponder about whether this is what you actually wanna do? Or are you celebrating the every breath that you are inhaling? 

The author has used his own personal experiences in the form of short fables to convey the simple messages that generally strike us after facing big hits in life. The very important suggestion by the author which says "Read only one chapter at a time. Take long breaks between chapters" is the most significant point while reading this book. One will definitely needs time to think about the essence of the chapter, what does it wanna say? and more importantly what does the author wanna say to you. If one truly tries to relate this book with his/her life, this can be a true life revolution-er.

The way of writing is very casual and profound, all together at the same time. At many instances one will definitely feel that author is actually talking about his/her life. It starts with how the author got into this book writing thing and how he ended up writing this completely different piece of the paper. It talks about 'Introducing me to myself' to Making a F?@K it list, to how much time do you actually live for yourself, to the actual concept of khudkhushi, and spans over almost every vivid fact of today's life.

The only issues with this book is, the myriad iteration of the F-word. At some places it is used unnecessarily that I wanted to purge it away (The F-word not the book).

Who should read this book?

1) If you are really enthusiastic to find out who really you are and what do you actually wanna do, but don't know how to do this. Read this book. You will end your journey of this book with all answers to your questions. No the author has not given the answers, but he has enlightened a way to find them of your own.

2) If you are strong enough to face the bitter fact that you really have very very less time to just live for yourself, and life can suck you up anywhere, at any time, do read this book.

Who should not read this book?

1) If you are a person who likes to stay away from the F-word, then don't even dream about beholding this book. This is definitely not for you.

2) If you have a weak heart which can't face the bitter facts of life, don't give it even a damn attempt. This is not for you.

3) If you don't have time to read it in alone, don't even touch it.

In the Nutshell:

"F?@K KNOWS" is a compelling, haunting, and humorous self help book. It was a real page turner, with lots and lots of ponder-able thoughts, and an ability to change one's view toward his/her life. Do give it a shot, I know you will like it.

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