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Journey With A Cute Guy...!!!

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 33; the thirty-third edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is 'Celebrations'

Reader's guide : Text written in *....* is what my character is thinking or saying to herself in mind...

*Mamma's gift, check..!! Popsi's gift, check..!! Sadu's gift (my brother), check..!! toothbrush, sunscreen, face-pack....check..!! Hmm I think I am done,now I should leave..*

"Hello guard uncle,will you please open the door for me? "
"Sure sure..Going home beta?"
"Yes guard uncle..Diwali with Family...!!"
"OK beta..Take care and do not talk to strangers.OK?"
"Ooh uncle, you know that's tough for me..I can't even sit quite continuously for 10 min..and I have to travel for 8 hours."
"hahaha....Go enjoy...Happy Diwali."
"Happy Diwali to you too uncle. "

Somehow I manged to pull my heavy luggage to the main road. "Taxi Taxi..!!! Bus Stand bhaiya..." and I got in.

*Don't talk to strangers...Hmm... I used to hear this line before commencing every journey..and with the same frequency I am sincerely not following this... how could one stay quite in whole journey, Saahhh..I don't understand..But I know I can't..Hmm...*

"Bhaiya one ticket to Chhatarpur..Window seat..and don't give the next seat to any lofar..OK???"

*Finally get the seat..God knows who's gonna sit with me..Hmm.. O God please send a cute guy,with deep blue eyes so that this journey can be a real fun..!!!*

"Excuse me, is this seat number 14?" A sweet manly voice was coming out of a dashing tall and handsome male figure.

"Yes It is."
"Thanks its mine."

*O God I need a flat on  burj khalifa and a red Bugatti Please Please Please* I opened one eye and I was still in the bus not in Dubai *Shit..I should have asked for Bugatti first.hmm..But no doubt the guy is also cute..*

"Where is your destination?"
"Chhatarpur..Heard about it?"
"Yeah I had been there last month.A perfect place to visit with your and refreshing with the sweet essence of an small Indian town."
"That's good to know."

*For the very first time I am feeling proud on my birth place..Good good..He is kind of sweet..Loves greenery and small town..Hmm..*

"SO where are you going?",I asked.

*Just three hours..O God how could you be so cruel..You have taken my chance of getting Bugatti and now when I met this cute guy..He is just gonna be with me for just three hours??? You are so....*

"OK.That's a nice place too with lots of historic importance.", I replied.
"Ooh ..You have a lovely voice, do you sing?"
"Hahaha...No I am just a bathroom singer, Thanks."

*O God his eyes are killing..I can't stop staring at them.. Why you stopped cute guy? Tell me.. are you single? Do you sing? DO you dance? Do you believe in Love at first sight?....*

"Hey, Do you like Lays?"
"Yeah I do."
 He took out a large pack of American creamy onion (My favorite).
"This one is my favorite."

*O look our choices are also same.. So he is cute, he is sweet and he love lays...Hmm...I am liking this...I wish I can read what he is thinking..*

"So are you single?"
"Ahem Ahem...what...I mean yes I am single..and you?"
"Me too..My mother is looking out girls for me but I wants to fall in unexpectedly..with a stranger all of love in the first meet!!!"

*O MY GOODNESS..Is he trying to flirt with me or something..Or he is serious.. His eyes..Aww... They are so real ... How he could fake..Aww..I am ready to fall in love with you cute guy...*

"That's so sweet,I hope you find one soon."

And the three hours passed away like time was sliding over the butter slice..with hundreds of butterflies in my stomach and cupid flying over our heads waiting for the right time to hit the arrow..We talked about studies, future goals, jobs, our family, marriage and much more...I know its too much to talk with a stranger but that's the beauty of it...I spoke continuously for three hours..He complemented me for my voice, my being so sweet and friendly and being so talkative (he said he likes it)..and this is what I am..

"Those who have to left at Jhansi please come at the front door.",conductor shouted.

"Looks like I have to leave now."

*No No please don't go, I have so many questions still left..Don't go.*

"Hmm..I guess..", I said by keeping my emotions aside.
"So can I have your number?"

*Mom... Dad... can I give this cute guy my number????? He could be your future son-in-law pleaseeeee, Simmi if mamma get to know this she will kill you..hmm..yeah*

"That's OK,I understand..Now I should leave... Hey I am coming back on 16th in the same bus on the same seat, can I expect a sweet talkative angel to meet me then?"

*Aaaaaaaaaa.....He wants to meet me,He wants to meet me...O God you are superb...*
*Blushing blushing blushing...*

"Yeah she will come.I promise."

I was overwhelming with joy, so these were the only words that came out.

"OK, see you soon angel.Happy Diwali."
"Happy Diwali to you too."

*O God He is going..why is it too tough to say good bye to you cute guy....cute guy...?????What the hell?????????? O shit..!!!!!! Simmi how could you be so stupid.. You forget to ask his name... Damn....You are an Idiot.*

 I tried to open the window but it was locked. So I ran toward the door.

"Hey hey cute guy...What is your name?????"
He was almost in the cab. He turned around while I got to see his killing eyes once more and said "CUTE GUY.."

I came back on my seat, with his image in my heart,an everlasting blush on my face and the empty chips packet as the memory of our first meet..I sat back on my seat with closed eyes, playing back each and every piece of our conversation and now my reason to celebrate has doubled..

*O God... I don't need a Bugatti..Thank you...*

Author's note:

* Author is not going home this Diwali because of some stupid tests and she is yet to meet such cute guy.
* Thank you for reading and wish you a very happy and  prosper Diwali...Stay safe Stay healthy Stay Blessed and Let the celebration continues...

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  1. Wow! Such a cute post from a cute girl ;) You write in a lovely manner, I liked the way you penned down the "CUTE" thought process :) Ohh that's sad that you are not going for Diwali dear. Wishing you a prosperous & Happy Diwali angel. :) Take care! All the best with those stupid tests :D

  2. A clean feel good post :)!Good luck for BAT

  3. I second Tanya Sehgal - word for word. All the best for BAT and have a great Diwali.. :)

  4. Awww:)
    Such cute talks..I am loving this, especially written in (* ..... *) :);)
    I thought the cute guy would reply his name ''Raj'' LOL
    exams in between spoils the festive fun :(

    Happy Diwali to you too buddy!
    Stay Smiling & Celebrating
    All the best for the BAT :)

  5. That's a sweet sweet sweet post from you.. Loved it so much Aayu... *CUTE* Keep writing.. All the best for BAT..

    Someone is Special

  6. heyy wonderful story by you.......
    very good keep up the good work......
    hope your wishes come true......
    happy and prosperous diwali to you simmo...

  7. "cute" story :)
    the description of guy is vry nice..
    nd i want 2 meet tht cute guy..
    i m waitng ....... :)

  8. Cuteness is overflowing in this post. Please check. :P

    Brilliantly written. One of friends also tells me encounters in the very way you wrote the post.
    ATB for BAT. :)

  9. Beautifully expressed sweet post dipped in cuteness. Nice one.

  10. Dear Ayushi :)
    I was smiling throughout! :D .. actually *giggling* .. :P .. You know you reminded me of that movie.. What Women Want :) .. You have helped a lot of guys with the *....* comments :) ....This story is simply cute and naive :)
    I loved it!!!!!!!
    A very different take on Celebrations :)
    Enjoyed reading it..All the very best for BAT 33 :)

  11. Hahahhha u took me to a spin back in time...loved it absolutely

  12. Awww...I felt I was watching a chick-flick,very cute indeed :)

  13. tooo cute and very sweet :)
    ATB for BAT :)

  14. Haha, that's a really cute and sweet love story. Just couldn't stop smiling at the innocence. :)
    ATB for BAT! :)

  15. Such a cute lovely story...Awww!! soooo sweet...really loved reading it..

    All the best for BAT
    A very happy festive season to you.. :)keep smiling

    Peep into mine

  16. Cute story!
    And thanks for clarifying (the first point in the Author's Note) :-)

  17. Fikar not. Mil jayega, 'cute' ladka.
    Happie Diwali.

    *kaise kaise khwab dekti hai ladkiyan!*

    A 'chotu chotu' request - [Based on your last Blogaton post as well] - can you pay a little attention to your grammar at places?

    1. allow me to add: I believe your writing is really good. Language needs a bit clean up [na, mine ain't impeccable, but i keep learning]

  18. aahh.. such a cute story .. like it :) :)


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