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A page from my diary...

Date : 3 August, 2012
Time : 9:30 P.M.
Place: Gwalior

Dear Diary,
Its been an year we severed off, and you know I am still keeping my promise of staying as friends.I read it some where "If the two are still friends after breakup that means either they are still in love or they never were..." What do you think is the case with us sweet heart..??? I wish you could understand how tough it is for me... When he calls, my heart whispers  "I love you shona, I can't live without you, please come back, I miss so much..your smile your touch our time and everything.. But he never understands.. :( So I made a plan today.. I have written a poem to remind him everything.. and I am gonna call him now... Wish me luck Dear.. !!! and wait I ll be back soon... :) to tell you everything he said..

"Hiii.. You called me so late..everything OK???"
"Yeah, everything is perfect.. Hey I just wrote a poem, you wanna listen?"
"Hmm.. OK go on..."
"OK here it is...."

" Kai baar mera man 
Tumse ye puchhna chahta hai,
Kya mera udas hona
Tumhe ab bhi rulata hai...???
Jab me nahi so paati 
Kya wo ahsaas tumhe 
Ab bhi satata hai...???
Agar me khana na khaun to
Tumhara pet bhar jaata hai...???

Agar me akele bahar gai to,
Ho sakta hai kahin kho jaun,
Laut kar wapas na aaun,
Ya kisi anjane se 
Yunhi dar jaun...
Kya ye sochkar tumhara dil
Ab bhi ghabrata hai...???

Or jab me tumhare liye roti hun,
To kya aaj bhi tumhe
Pata chal jaata hai...??? "

"Wow... you are a very good poet too.. I am proud of you my dear friend..."
"............. Thank You"
"OK now I have to leave... will call you later.. keep writing, Bye..."
"K.. Bye"

Time: 9:50 P.M.

So I made a plan today.. I have written a poem to remind him everything.. and I am gonna call him now... Wish me luck Dear.. !!! and wait I ll be back soon... :) to tell you everything he said..

Shayad mujhe mere sawaaloon ka jawab mil
Wakt k sath shayad bahut kuch badal gaya...

P.S. This is just a fiction.. So don't be sad.. read and enjoy.. Thank you.. :)


  1. Hmm it was really sad! I wish you get a guy who loves you more than anyone. Jo tumhare paas rahe aur, vo sab kare that you mentioned in the lovely poem above. And lovely people like you will get a lovely person soon,:) My heart feels that! Take care angel!

    1. Thank you so much Tanya for the lovely wish... But its a bit fiction-ized... So don't be sad.. and Thanks again dear... :)

    2. Oh I am so sorry maybe I got into reality. You should have mentioned it was fiction, I feel like a dumbo hehe :) Bye take care dear

    3. Don't be sorry dear.. I will take it as a compliment.. :)

  2. Sad, but beautiful to write a such a sweet dedication.. Hopefully it is just a fiction :) Good luck..

    Someone is Special

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Shri.. Welcome to my place... :)

  4. A soft, sad poem bringing out the pain completely. Liked it :)

    1. Thank you Hetal.. Welcome to my place.. :)

  5. Hey! there's a blog party I am hosting, a word-o-logy game. Please take a look it would be really exciting & fun. An award wining game from Coveted Dreams

    1. Thank you so much Tani.. I will surely participate... :)

  6. First tym at ur blog.. Its nyc 1... Nd dairy is always.. Our best frnd....!! Vry heart touching.. Keep it up

    1. Thank you Jitendra.. Happy Blogging to you too... :)

  7. Hii, dear Ayushi I have nominated your blog for Liebster Blog Award, kinldy visit this link for more information. Happy Blogging !

    1. Ooh Tani Thank you so so so much.. :) Love you angel..:)

  8. though sad but nicely woven...well done !!

  9. Time. Inexorable. Irrevocable.

  10. Wow..I din realize it was fiction till I reached the very bought tears to my eyes and all I can is you express emotions beautifully...

    Lovely write up :)
    Wishing you get a guy who loves you loads..that's if your still single :D

    Nice blog !!

    Take Care


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